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Of Influence #3: Top Micro-Influencers to Work With in 2018


We are crazy excited to present to you with our third installment "of influence," a custom list, per quarter of the top influencers you should be working with this year. In case you missed it, you can find our first list here and second list here.

Criteria: Our chosen influencers have an Instagram following between 2k — 15k followers and located within the US.

1.) Brandon

Total Followers: 6k 


2.) Mona Lavinia

Total Followers: 4.8k | Location: Washington D.C.


3.) Moyo

Total Followers: 3.9k


4.) Stan

Total Followers: 2.3k | Location: Washington, DC


5.) Julia

Total Followers: 6.1k | Location: Washington, DC


6.) Betty Nguyen

Total Followers: 4.4k | Location: Los Angeles, CA


7.) Lilly Ann

Total Followers: 2k | Location: Raleigh, NC


8.) Voguish Soul

Total Followers: 8.6k 


9.) Zeena Shah

Total Followers: 10.3


10.) Lydia Lane

Total Followers: 2.6k | Location: Lexington, KY


11.) Teddy Nguyen

Total Followers: 5.3k | Location: Charlotte, NC


12.) Winnie Tang

Total Followers: 5k | Location: New York, NY


13.) Amanda Trout

Total Followers: 5.1k | Location: Tennessee


14.) Raquel Lucine

Total Followers: 2.2k | Location: Washington, DC


15.) Dayo

Total Followers: 12.7k | Location: Washington, DC



The “Of Influence” list is published once per quarter by The Creative Exchange, a Social Media Agency.