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Of Influence #1: Top Micro-Influencers to Work With in 2018


“Influencers” were all the rage in 2017 and while this ever changing medium caught many off guard with its splash, people, brands, and companies are starting to figure out how to ultilize them.

As our agency comprised of a few influencers, itself, continues look forward in 2018 they believe the keys for success for brands moving forward will not only be truly determining viable influencers to align with, but also identifying those influencers who’s engagement rates and brand messaging actual fit.

This may mean looking to the dawn of a new area in this world, the “micr-influencer.” Those who don’t bolster hundreds of thousands of followers and are far more niche.

So, we’re stoked to present to you our top pick of 15 micro-influencers you should be working with this year.

Criteria: Our chosen influencers have an Instagram following between 1k — 15k followers located in the US.

  1. Carly Mask

Total Followers: 9k | Location: Santa Barbara, CA

2. Antonio Dillard

Total Followers: 4k | Location: Washington D.C.

3. John Hill

Total Followers: 9k | Location: Michigan

4. Barry Daly

Total Followers: 4k | Location: Los Angeles, CA

5. Kristina

Total Followers: 5k

6. Heidi Grey

Total Followers: 4k | Location: Seattle, WA

7. Tony Sorrentino

Total Followers: 5k | Location: Chicago, IL

8. Chantelle Nelson

Total Followers: 3k

9. Taylor Meadows

Total Followers: 2k | Location: Raleigh, NC

10. Joanne

Total Followers: 2k

11. Loren Baxter

Total Followers: 1.9k | Location: San Francisco, CA

12. Casey Zhang

Total Followers: 12k | Location: NYC

13. Leslie Marie Medlin

Total Followers: 2k | Location: Raleigh, NC

14. Monica Winters

Total Followers: 3k | Location: Chicago, IL

15. Jacob Skilton

Total Followers: 1k


The “Of Influence” list is published once per quarter by The Creative Exchange, a Social Media Agency.