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How OkCupid Decided To Design Around Slang

Written By:  Reily Fay

Written By: Reily Fay

Dating is hard, no one can deny that. We just want true love to show up at our doorsteps, or, if not that, then on our phone screens.

While pure intentions may have been the foundation for the start of many of these apps, they have slowly picked up reputations for being far from chivalrous.

We have millennials to thank for this, the reason being, that they are set on asking and receiving, quickly. Netflix, Amazon, and iMessage have created a lifestyle where they can get what they want, whenever they want, and all, with the press of a button. This, ever complex, group has created a new market, marking the dawn of a new age.

Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr have taken it upon themselves to try and fulfill a deep seated human need –– love. You can survey your options, swipe right or left, find your next hookup with a simple DM, and not even have to get out of your pajamas in the morning.

However, we are changing again. Millennials are growing older, growing out of the one-night-stands and late-night booty calls. We search for something, “real,” because our priorities have matured, just as we have. We want commitment.

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As we scroll through these old dating apps, like Tinder and Grindr, we can’t seem to find the type of connection we truly need, because, real connection takes time. Much like a flower, which blooms over a finite amount of time, so too, do meaningful relationships.

If you get on a dating app, you are looking for short-term. End of story.

Despite it all, there’s an app that has decided to change this, and has conformed to the wants and needs of its audience. This app is OKCupid, and with the launch of their latest “DTF Campaign,” they are changing the dating narrative, if only for a split second. 

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The campaign speaks to the subtle questions we’ve all been silently asking –– what do we actually want out of a relationship and can it be made easily accessible? All that’s required is a simple quiz that tells OKCupid a little bit about you, and what you are looking for. It asks questions like “What kinds of connections are you open to” and “Do you enjoy discussing politics” so that you can decide for yourself the options that will be presented to you. You have control of who sees you, and who you want to see –– all from the palm of your hands.

Now, you may be thinking Well, DTF...doesn’t that mean...yes –– and let me stop you there (for those who somehow don’t know what that means, educate yourself here on some slang). OKCupid is capitalizing on this commonly-used acronym and giving it meaning more than know. Even if you are DTF, you could also be DTFacetime all night, or DTFrench kiss, or even DTFloss your teeth.

OKCupid has, with a simple acronym, made an effort to redefine social norms when it comes to making connections. They are letting the individual decide what they want for themselves, and providing them the environment (their app) to do so. Whether it be a spouse, significant other, lover, hookup, or best friend, you can swipe right or left until you find the perfect person for you, and know their intentions are the same as yours. By simply assessing your wants, OKCupid pairs you with individuals who share similar interests with you, giving you results you can be certain of.

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Brilliant right? With colorful ads and verbiage as bold as their creators, it is hard to miss this campaign, and even harder to turn down the message.

As someone who met their current significant other on Bumble, I am a strong believer in dating apps, and that it’s okay to try and make the connections you find on them deeper. I know it’s hard to do, since you don’t always know exactly who they are or what they want, but I know it is possible, and OKCupid has just made this possibility, significantly more attainable.

Those who brought dating apps into the light are now leaving it, and leaving their old ways behind them with it. With that, OKCupid is shining the light for us, leading us to the connections of our dreams.

So am I DTF? Yeah, I’m DTFully support this campaign.