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Here's How ClifBar Feeds Your Need For Adventure

Written By:  Reily Fay  

Written By: Reily Fay 

Imagine a brand who understands you— one you are cool with, that you can talk to and share experiences with. Imagine a brand you are friends with— one that you can trust, one that you can actually love.

Well, that’s exactly who Clifbar is to thousands of their fans. This brand’s use of social media has helped them build a real community of people who contribute to what it stands for, creating moments through adventure.

By encouraging their customers to share their wildest experiences, Clifbar has brought together over 145,000 followers on Instagram alone. Clifbar takes these adventures and broadcasts them, giving people the recognition they deserve on a page where others will appreciate them as well.

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From oceans to mountains to deserts, Clifbar encourages adventure by incorporating a simple hashtag into the lives of their fans: #FeedYourAdventure.

These pictures bring in thousands of likes, and help small-time photographers grow popularity on their own instagram accounts.

Having fans that promote the brand and document their incredible adventures only encourages eager bystanders to go out into the world, document their own adventures, and most importantly, include Clifbar right along with them. The “gold” in this tag is that it’s active. It subtly forces out the creators in us all and calls us to feed our innate need for adventure, whatever or wherever that may be. In turn, helping “feed” the Instagram feed with beautiful content, that they otherwise would not have been able to capture themselves.

As a result, Clifbar gets an interactive community, along with customers that advertise their brand for them. They’ve created a friendship with their followers, and have let them define what Clifbar stands for, not the other way around.

This is honestly genius. What better way to make an audience relate to your brand than by letting the audience create the brand themselves?

Many other companies have used this brilliant tactic as well, including Free People, Starbucks, UPS, and BMW. Check out what they have done here.

For example, every December, Starbucks holds its famous holiday cups, featuring the #RedCupContest. Each year, consumers are encouraged to buy a hot beverage, create art on said cup, and send in the pictures to Starbucks’ Instagram for a chance to be featured on their page, and win an exclusive “Sterling Silver Starbucks Card,” worth 200 dollars and loaded with 50 dollars. The results are things like this.

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Their customers are encouraged to use their products and document it, so that in turn, they could get featured on the brand’s page, letting their photo receive thousands of likes to be seen by thousands of people. They want their fans to feel seen and acknowledged, and most importantly, noticed for their skills.

While the direction Starbucks has taken is engaging and fun, Clifbar goes for more than a look or a seasonal contest; they aim to create a way of life that their followers can all relate to, and contribute to.

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Seeing all of these people go on such crazy adventures makes even a city-girl like me want to dive into this culture, and be an active part of this brand. It’s not every day that you get to take such wild adventures, let alone follow people on social media that do either.

The way that Clifbar has created a page to capture some of Earth’s most beautiful scenes, and the people that inhabit them, is moving, if only from a visual standpoint.

Even co-founder Andrew Steinthal realizes the power of utilizing platforms like Instagram, as a place for real connection.

When questioned on the topic of customer relationship, he said, “One-on-one communication is so important…talk to people the way you talk to your friends, not like a programmed media robot.” It’s no question why he is proud of the relationship his brand has with customers.

Whether you are a big brand or a small one, make your customers a part of your product. Your audience should be heard, they should be noticed, but, most importantly, they should be made to feel important. Let them know that they are what make the brand what it is, because frankly, without them, there would be no you.

Clifbar creates a world within a brand, and a culture within a granola bar. Their stance has allowed them to create a public scrapbook of memories with its social media. Instagram is in good hands, with at least one brand is using it in a way that benefits both audience and entertainer.

Clifbar just became my new best friend. Any other companies want to join the gang?