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Your Location Matters As Much As Your Why

Written By: Charles Etoroma 

Written By: Charles Etoroma 

As an creative studio we are constantly plugged to the world of our industry. Finding that pulse can be quite tricky but sometimes, in the most unconventional of ways, we do find it.

We are signed up to many forms of media as to stay current with the landscape both nationally and regionally. When you’ve lived in a certain place you, in some ways, get used to how things are done and become a product of it. While looking for validation, it can quickly become tied, unfairly to where you are, but either way, we decided to really make a go of it and seek it out.

We knew we had a talent and we know we had what it took to succeed but growth for some reason or another had been stunted a bit. We were confused for a while and internally went back and forth as to the reasons that specific clients that we wanted weren’t reaching back out or looking for creative opportunities.

The answer came to us, as it often does, in the most unconventional of ways, by signing up for job alerts to two specific locations, North Carolina & Washinton D.C.

On any given week this is what we see from the market within NC:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.20.11 PM.png

It was always discouraging to see that and, furthermore, what was even more troubling was that many rarely had the word social media within the name but as ad ons, of supplemental value, to something else. One of the most aggregious examples was the finding of a position asking for a receptionist that also had to have experience in design (graphics) as well as social media management.

HA! As if social media itself isn’t a big enough pie to be full time.

So, we decided to test another market we were curious about. After signing up for alerts from Washington D.C. this is what we found:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.20.30 PM.png

Now, why it didn’t surprise us that there would be a bit more hits in a place that values digital marketing, content agencies, and it did surprise us that it was to the degree of over 10x that of NC.

Plus, in every title there was a direct call for social media, not as a side, but as a main, full course meal.

All of our suspicions were confirmed with this one single finding and that’s why we are hitting new markets that value what we do greatly.

This clearly speaks to the importance of finding the right location for your business. Something many don’t consider, but where you are matters almost as much as what you do.

From us to you creators and creatives, find your why and then find your place.