Concept Kitchen
Creativity Doesn't Need Limits

Our Story

We're a bunch of forward thinkers and curious minds who aren't afraid to stand by our thoughts. Concept Kitchen is powered by The Creative Exchange (a social media marketing agency based in New York), is looking to inspire, create and market amazing content to like minded millennial’s. Read on to learn about who’s making the kitchen run.



Concept Kitchen was born out of our curious minds, daring hearts, and insatiable desire to creatively do things differently. Powered by the The Creative Exchange and RPV Creative, we infuse social media and visual content with creativity, design, and storytelling. The kitchen serves as our studio where we showcase concepts, brand campaigns, test ideas, connect with the creative community, and share ideas buried deep in our minds or continually inspire us. We're a group of forward-thinkers and curious minds who aren't afraid to stand by our thoughts. Constantly inspired by our surroundings, our feelings, and all the world has to offer, we've created a platform to merge what we do and what we want to do and provide fresh takes on creativity, marketing, & life in general. Information is a weapon and it's one that we take great pride in providing.





When we combine creative forces, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Together we can push the bounds of creativity and create something bigger than us as individuals.

The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange is a visual content studio and social agency working with innovative CPG brands and those in the food and beverage biz. The put storytelling and KPIs first, while creating for the digital landscape.


RPV Creative

RPV Creative is a premium social media agency and creative content studio. With a unique mixed media approach, we develop scroll stopping content to help our clients impact the culture and commerce around their business.