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Here’s What Happened When We Built A Brand By Buying Instagram Followers  - Part 3 😉


We recently ran a campaign, in which we created a fake energy drink called Woqe, where our main goal was to see if we could create a brand through the use of Instagram — purely by buying followers.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 8.55.08 PM.png

The hypothesis was, perception alone could help us build a brand.

So, if we could get enough of a following, copy the branding of an existing drink, and gear all content towards millennials, then we wouldn’t need “authentic” engagement to help us grow.

If you want more of the backstory check out our first TWO articles: “Here’s What Happened When We Built A Brand By Buying Instagram Followers.” and “Here’s What Happened When We Built A Brand By Buying Instagram Followers  - Part 2.”

After our first two tests, we thought - why not keep the party going?

For our third round of testing, we decided to go the organic route - all organic posting and organic engagement. We used People Map to help us map our people to engage with and help build the account and more importantly, our engagement rates.

About People Map:

People Map is an Instagram Marketing Tool. Authentic Community Growth, Campaign Tracking, and Instagram Stats all in one. Starting at $20/mo.

Now keep in mind the following:

  • The Algorithm has changed since our first two tests

  • We used NO paid advertising this round

  • We changed NOTHING about the copy or images

  • The campaign was conducted over a 4 week period

The Results*

*As a reminder, part one included us buying followers, and part two was with a few boosted posts and organic engagement.

Total Posts: 20

Instagram Handle: @getwoqe

Total Followers: 60

  • Part One: 1,400

  • Part Two: 37

Total engagement on account (likes + comments): 785

  • Part One: 348

  • Part Two: 883

Engagement Rate: 65%

  • Part One: 1.2%

  • Part Two: 119% (with $20 boosted paid ad spend) - without paid promotion: 45%

After analyzing the data and understanding that authentic engagement is more valuable than anything, we have to say that using People Map to help us define a market to engage with was the ultimate winner of success!