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The Epic Fail — #InstaMap

Written By:  Charles Etoroma

Written By: Charles Etoroma

Sometimes when you have a pretty audacious dream and you make up the steps to achieve that dream on the way there, things happen. You miscalculate or take one too many missteps which inevitably stop you from reaching it.

Earlier this year we had an idea to make a new age Scout guide called the Insta-map.

Our premise was to feature cool areas around where we live and capture what made them unique and put it all together into a map so people could see where the quality areas of the state of NC really were.

The project was suppose to commence by the end of the summer, but got pushed back for a variety of reasons, mainly because we, as an agency were growing, fast. But once we were able to refocus another thing got in our way…Instagram, itself.

Turns out Instagram makes it really “difficult” for you to create multiple profiles. We didn’t account for a few things, one being that we had a finite number of phone numbers. Instagram is a b**** about sending you “confirmation codes” to make sure your account is “secure.”

After quickly exhausting our phone numbers, we decided to turn to fiverr to get someone to create 26 different profiles for us. It didn’t take too long to create so we got them easy enough but another thing we didn’t think about was the spotty security algorithm. We say spotty because sometimes this security check is suppose to catch spam that is very clearly spam but let’s it through and then for real users and posts it acts a bit janky.

Either way, the accounts that were created (because some strange method unbeknownst to us was used), every time we logged on and uploaded more than a certain amount of Instagram would lock us out of the account and ask for a phone number to send a confirmation code. Next, if the link in the bio was similar across multiple accounts insta would lock us out. Furthermore, if a new phone or device logged into one of these created accounts, it would be immediately be deactivated until it could text a code (even with the use of the correct password and everything).

Several weeks, months went by of us slowly trying to build each and every account until we get the a handful of accounts remaining. At this point, one of the accounts suddenly got deactivated (still scratching our heads as to why since it handed been touched for a while) and the “guru” who put it together ghosted us.

This was the moment that we realized that we had bitten off a bit more than we could chew with this project. With a lot of wasted money for someone to create a large map, gas money to travel to the different locations, and money for the fiverr misshap we were left a bit disappointed.

Yet, disappointment, when channeled correctly, can often lead to new breakthrough ideas and we may have just gotten ours, so be on the lookout for the next real Concept Kitchen idea.

Should be a fun one as we continue to learn through both the successes as well as the failure.

Until next time!

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